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About Me

So, what does make me click? Born and raised in Sweetwater County, Wyoming, I work full-time out of my storefront studio and am the only certified photographer in the county; one of only nine in the entire state of WY! Mother to 'The Boy,' I see things through a mom's eyes, an artist's soul, and a rocker's heart. I love finding different locations, super secret hidey spots, and using a well known location with some out of sorts props. I am not a soft spoken, warm fuzzy type of photographer. I am not afraid to speak my mind, tell you how it is, or do what needs to be done to get the shot I want. Settling for 'ok' isn't in my nature. I have to love it. I NEED you to love it! I often bring my iPod and you may catch me rockin' out with the wedding party to some Eminem, Royal Bliss, or Linkin Park. During the school year, you'll see me parked in the High School parking lots, as I photograph the high school dances and several of the team sports. Seniors have to be my all time favorite thing to photograph. They have such an energy about them. It's inspiring!
You can see my work on display in the Memorial Hospital OB unit and at City Hall. You can follow me on FB or like my 'Fotos by Jenni' Facebook page :-) I hope I get the chance to work with you at some point! And remember.....karma's a bitch, your portraits are a legacy, and if you are running late...bring Starbucks.